Adam L. and Cardi B. Morning

A Girl Like You.

There is no proper adjective to describe you. Every woman is unique in her own way. So let’s sing and celebrate our own weirdness, I mean, uniqueness. Individuality and authenticity, right?

PINK, RACHEL PLATTEN and those MTV ladies who sing songs of strength.


I Am the Master of My Thoughts

Decide what you want to be, do and have.

1. I thankful to continue my employment at my current job no matter what happens.

2. I am thankful for the security of my job with my current employer.

3. I am thankful for the management and Human Resources who help me redeploy to another account within the organization.

4. I am thankful for the locker that I use.

5. I appreciate taco vendor at our pantry.

6. I am thankful for Lawson convenience store in our building.

7. I am thankful for Starbucks in our building.

8. I am thankful for the kind security guards in our building.

9. I am thankful for being part of Belong.

10. I am thankful for working at the 5th floor.

T h a n k Y o u

thank you

Thank you

Kulit’s Hobonichi Journey

It’s not a planner, it’s not a notebook, it’s a TECHO.

(Photo taken from the cover of the Hobinichi Techo user group on Facebook)


What is Hobinichi?

Just click the link and learn about the different design and sizes.

What about it’s Hobonichi history? Again, please click the link.

Hobonichi was released in October 2001 in Japan celebrating its 17th year with version 2018. A lot of people fall in love with Hobonichi Techo every year, and now with more book types and fun cover designs, users all around the world are going crazy over Hobonichi including myself.

As of May 24, 2018, I have 4 Hobonichi.

  1. My first one is the Weeks which is a pocket size 1 week a page Hobonichi perfect for starters and especially for a working mom on the go.
  2. I bought my second which is a A5 cousin spring April start which is bigger than your normal A6. Bought from a member of Hobonichi users PH group. After this, I asked to use a friend’s credit card to purchase on the website a Black mint cover which I later sold. It came at my doorstep after 7 days from Japan. I was so happy.
  3. My third one is an A5 cousin spring which I bought another black mint cover to match my A6 but later sold and settle with ALL PINK theme for my covers.
  4. My fourth one is Hobonichi Techo English because I want to understand the quote of the day at the bottom of pages. I studied Japanese in college but is of no use now. You lose what you don’t use.
  5. An A5 2017 is on the way on payday which I will use to fill an extra cover handmade by Monchi Bonchi PH which is the gorgeous peacock design. I am not really bothered by the year date as I usually still put date whenever I write – date and day sometimes I include time.

Here is a link to checkout my IG post for my Weeks: Weeks on IG click here to see

Meanwhile these are latest photos of my Hobonichi:


9th Week of 2018

What is a cairn?

9th week of 2018. February 25th. 32nd anniversary of People Power Revolution here in the Philippines.

With too much going on, I need to meditate. This is the purpose of cairn in my life. It may be just a stack of stone to some but others attach different meaning to it.

Today is Sunday. I do not have work and we call it REST DAY here in our country. It is usually 2 consecutive days after 5 days, 12 hour each spent out of home including commute or travel.

Today, I would like to enjoy a nice quiet time to meditate. A nice cup of lemon tea. A time to write again.

What I really want to do someday is to check in to a nice hotel with a view. Sleep and write and enjoy my day alone. Enjoy my Hobinichis. Order food. Room service. Just 24 hours ME time.

But cairn can be anywhere. You can meditate anywhere. Under any circumstances, you can be Zen like.

I wish to find peace.

Why I go back to BPO Industry

You can call me stupid. You can say I was not thinking. You can tell me this is really a bad move and that I will regret it. You can shove the comfortable life I have in a small cubicle on the 20-something floor of an old tower in the south. You can tell me that I am letting go of the freedom I am enjoying. Do I really?


Yes, it was a comfortable life. It was an easy one. Yes, there is freedom. But with these, comes less security, less process. Less work in exchange of a hefty amount of money: is it all there is to it? I was sloppy but my hearing and other senses are hyper vigilant on how people act, speak and deal with the people around them. People talk. And when they do, it was not who I am. Character assassination is real.


I believe that more than a decade in the BPO industry has honed my skills in every aspect. And the little comfy cubicle in a so called “NON BPO” set up is not what defined me and my values. I uphold my own mission and vision. John Maxwell said leadership is influence. I also take it from Malcolm Gladwell that I am already successful at more than 10,000 hours of practice. So, I embrace a new beginning or a great comeback. J


I am still grateful for the experience and I love my team like my own family but I have to move on. Thank you.

Grateful 365 Days


Gratitude is a powerful process in shifting your energy. Be grateful for what you have and you will attract more good things. The law of attraction shared by Rhonda Byrne in the 5 books I collected in 10 years thought me how to be grateful. It is a real transformation for me daily.

I shifted my life from the time I watched the DVD I got curious about when a friend of mine asked me to buy it for her sister. I am thankful to my good friend Tin because through her, I discovered the law of attraction. I bought my own copy because I was curious what the DVD was about. The rest was history.

A week ago, I started a new job in my husband’s company and before my shift started, I picked up the Gratitude Book by Rhonda Byrne I reserved and had transported to the branch. A day before I received a text message that it was already there. I was amazed and so happy to get it. I focus on the feeling of getting the book and I never let my budget made me feel otherwise.

I instantly feel good and it was a great timing because I am starting a new job. Everything is going well and I am grateful everyday. I am grateful when I wake up early because I can start my day by listing my blessings in my Gratitude Book. I feel good when I cook for people that matters. I feel great knowing my son and my mom are safe and enjoying their vacation in Batangas. I feel good when I carpool with my husband to and from work. I feel amazing because I know that I pass the accreditation. I feel great when I completed everything I need for my job. I am so thankful for the health and strength to work and communicate with my family while they are away from me. I am thankful for the money.

I feel great when I wake up. I appreciate everything even the sound of our old electric fan that reverberated in the house. I like Rhonda Byrne narrating The Secret through Audible.

THANK YOU for the books I have.

THANK YOU for the knowledge and practice of law of attraction. Life is better and amazing.